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Our engagement in science & research

DKMS is not only the world’s leading stem cell donor centre; we're also heavily involved in medical science

Innovative research can often be the decisive factor in the fight against blood cancer. This fight can only be won if new scientific approaches are found to combat the disease.

How we’re working to delete blood cancer on all levels: Our engagement in science and research
Innovative research is a key factor in the treatment of blood cancer. New scientific approaches help us progress towards our ultimate goal of eradicating this disease.
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For the future of science and research
We believe that our support for young medical and scientific talents is a critical investment in the future. For this reason, the DKMS Stiftung Leben Spenden (Foundation for Giving Life) awards the John Hansen Research Grant (formerly: Mechtild Harf Research Grant).
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Recognising outstanding scientific work of world-class physicians
The Mechtild Harf Science Award recognises the outstanding scientific work and research of physicians.
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