Every contribution can save lives
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Your gift helps us raise awareness of blood cancer and blood stem cell donations.

Your donation can save lives

We register lifesavers
Alfie was just seven months old when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. After chemotherapy failed, his only chance of survival was a stem cell transplant from a stranger. Schoolteacher Christin had been on the blood stem cell registry for a number of years before finding out she was a potentially lifesaving match. Alfie was given a successful second chance of life thanks to her. Your donation will help us to register more potential matches, like Christin, and bring patients hope.
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It costs £40 to register a lifesaver
It costs DKMS £40 to add each new potential lifesaver to the global registry. This includes the swab kit, postage, world-leading genotyping and recruitment costs. We do not charge donors a registration fee, but welcome whatever contribution that can be made towards the costs.
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We need your help now
Every 27 seconds, someone somewhere in the world is diagnosed with blood cancer. Your contribution will allow us to register more lifesavers-in-waiting and save more lives. Despite being treatable, blood cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in the UK. Together we can change that!
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It costs us £40 to register just one potential blood stem cell donor. Not everyone who signs up is able to contribute towards this cost, so we need your help.

Help us find more donors

Everyone who needs a blood stem cell transplant needs to find their 'perfect match' donor. Can you help?
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