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You are a potential match for a patient

What happens if your tissue characteristics match those of a patient?

Graphic showing patient receiving medical tests

If your tissue characteristics match those of a patient, we will contact you immediately to ask if you are still willing to donate your stem cells.

We will use the contact details we have on file to call, email and text you so please try to keep your contact details up to date. If we can’t reach you over the first few days we will also write to you to try to make contact. If you miss our call, you can reach us on 0208 747 5665 or at and let us know a convenient time to call you back.

If you are still willing to donate your stem cells, we take you through our donor briefing where we ask questions to ensure you are able to donate.

Not all donors who match with a patient at this stage will be asked to go on to donate their stem cells. This can be for a number of reasons including:

  • The patient’s team may find another donor who is a slightly better match
  • The patient’s treatment plan may change.

We will update you every step of the way, whether you are needed to donate your stem cells or not.

How will I donate?

The exact procedure for your donation depends on the type of search the patient’s medical team has ordered. There are two possible options you will be asked to agree to:

Get involved, support our mission
Raise awareness, join the registry, host your own event, do a fundraising challenge - you choose!