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Health questionnaire

Your health is our top priority. We need to make sure that you are healthy before donating.


During your briefing call we will ask you to complete our online health history questionnaire if you haven’t already. The link to this is sent to you by email but if you haven’t received it or you have any issues logging in, please let your coordinator know.

Although we ask you some health questions during the briefing, we still require the more detailed online health history questionnaire to be completed. The information you share is important to ensure there are no medical or health issues preventing you from making a donation. Your safety and the safety of the patient are our top priority.

The questionnaire covers a range of health areas including your physical and mental health, allergies, auto-immune conditions, or conditions affecting your heart and lungs. We also ask about recent travel to countries with tropical viruses and about recent vaccinations you’ve had. Everything we ask is relevant to stem cell donation and donor/patient safety.

Sometimes, we will contact you to ask some follow-up questions about information you have shared on the Health History Questionnaire. We will always check that you are in a confidential space before asking about your health.

Any information you share about your health during your briefing call or on the questionnaire is stored securely and only able to be viewed by those directly involved in managing your donation journey.

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