Daredevil challenges

Wing walking

Looking for a new challenge?

  • Find normal runs a bit boring?
  • Long bike rides don't raise your pulse enough?
  • Done all the usual challenges and got the t-shirt?

Join DKMS to take on some ultimate daredevil challenges! Whether standing on top of a plane, jumping out of one, or filling your run with obstacles, we have something for everyone.

Pete ready to climb onto the plane

Wing walking

Take to the skies to brave a terrifying wing walk. You will spend 10 minutes standing on the wing of a plane as it reaches over 100mph and soars up to 700ft in the air.

It is sure to be a thrilling experience!

With locations across the country and a variety of funding options, there's no excuse to get flighty about this challenge.

Obstacle courses

Muddy run
Runners at an inflatable obstacle course

For those looking for a truly FUN run, we have places in inflatable fun runs across the country, featuring everything from slides to foam cannons!

For the hardcore among you, you can fill your run with mud and mayhem at a muddy obstacle course.



Skydiving is the ultimate adrenaline experience, guaranteed to create serious thrills and leave you buzzing long after it’s over.

You can jump for DKMS from different heights and at lots of locations across the country.

Your financial support really can save lives
Sally on a harness waving to the camera as she abseils the Spinnaker Tower.

Something else?

Whether you want to:

  • abseil off a building
  • climb a mountain
  • swim a lake, or
  • do anything else you can imagine

DKMS will get you there, even if we don't quite have the courage to do it with you!

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Georgina Brookes
Community & Events Fundraising Manager