Yoga vs Blood Cancer

Lady doing yoga

Help more people with blood cancer to find their match by hosting a 'Yoga vs Blood Cancer' event.

'Yoga vs Blood Cancer' is about harnessing the compassionate heart of yoga to make a massive difference to the lives of people with blood cancer. In these tough times, sharing the benefits of yoga, whilst helping to cover the cost of registering new potential lifesavers will make even more of a difference.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher that could teach a virtual class, or a yogi looking to connect with friends through an online class, we can help turn that into a fundraiser for DKMS.

Organising your event

We can offer advice and support, and help spread the message of your class to our contacts as well as the general public to get them involved.

With your support, every blood cancer patient can find a match!

Set up an online fundraising page

Fundraising for DKMS is easy and lots of fun, as well as incredibly rewarding. Once you’ve decided how you're going to fundraise, set up an online fundraising page.

Further information
Georgina Brookes
Community & Events Fundraising Manager