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Virtual drives: overview

What is a virtual drive?

A virtual drive is a bespoke landing page on our website which can be used to encourage people to join the blood stem cell register.

You can share

  • personal stories
  • images
  • videos, and
  • quotes

can be shared to help show people the difference that they could make by signing up to become lifesavers in waiting.

Your page's URL can be shared to spread awareness.

I am already registered. Can I still support a drive?

Of course. Being a registered donor makes you a great person to support a virtual drive as you already know about our mission and the importance of registering more potential donors. For example, you could share the link to the page on your social media profiles, helping to raise awareness and encouraging people to join the register.

Where can I find material to spread the DKMS mission?

We have lots of information available about the charity and our mission. Please check out our Resource Library for materials and tips on how to share our mission.

Virtual Drives: creating your drive

Who can create a virtual drive?

Anyone can create a drive; whether you're a patient or know someone in need of a transplant, an individual, a company, a school, a university or a sports club, to name but a few!

All we ask is that you are keen to share our mission and register new potential blood stem cell donors.

I am an employee and want to set up a drive for my company. Where should I start?

We would recommend speaking to your HR department or social corporate responsibilty team to find out the process for starting to work with DKMS. Our Donor Recruitment team will be more than happy to provide information and support with this if needed, please email

Can I edit my drive once it has launched?

Small changes are possible once your page has launched.

To make changes to your page please email with your virtual drive URL and what you would like to change.

I do not have images or videos. Can I still start a drive?

Yes absolutely. You can find lots of images and videos you can use in our Resource Library.

Can I set an individual goal for my viirtual drive?

All of our pages allow you to have a running total and a target number of donors you wish to register.

When you are creating a page with the DKMS team, please let them know you would like to include these details.

Please get in touch if you need any further help.
Donor Recruitment Team