Kofi with his parents and three sisters
Kofi with his parents and three sisters

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Kofi's story

Kofi needs a blood stem cell transplant to recover from Hodgkin's lymphoma. Are you the match he's looking for?

Twenty-year-old Kofi lives in Northern Ireland with his family. He is a huge football fan, following the local team Glebe Rangers as well as the Premier League's Tottenham Hotspur, Scottish Premier League's Glasgow Rangers and his home national team, Northern Ireland.

Kofi's diagnosis

In September 2021, Kofi was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Several months before his diagnosis, Kofi had begun to suffer from really bad sweating and fatigue. These symptoms lasted for a few months until a lump appeared on the left side of his neck.

Kofi in hospital bed, reading his phone and wearing grey Tottenham Hotspur bobble hat

After undergoing blood tests, CT scans, a biopsy and a PET scan, his diagnosis was confirmed and Kofi began treatment, including immunotherapy and radiotherapy.

Kofi's doctors have now advised that a stem cell transplant is the next step for him, once his current course of treatment is finished.

Searching for Kofi's perfect match

A search for a stem cell match has been carried out within Kofi's family. His three older sisters have all been tested but are not compatible. We are now beginning a search for an unrelated donor - a stranger - who may possibly save Kofi's life.

Previously unaware, Kofi's family discovered the work of DKMS, and the importance of stem cell donors, through their awareness of the #DoitforDaniel campaign which reached across Northern Ireland searching for potential donors to help Daniel and others. Daniel found his match and has undergone a successful transplant. Now Kofi's family are hoping and appealing for a similarly successful outcome for Kofi.

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