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Daniel's story

Daniel is a bright and bubbly 14-year-old who loves the outdoors and happily seeks out new challenges. He has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

Daniel and friends

Sports, music and Scouting

Daniel completed his PADI scuba diving license at age 11 and has also undertaken a life-saving course. His recent sports have included mountain biking, rugby, sailing, rock climbing and hiking. His love of being a Scout is easy to see from his numerous hikes and camps with his troop.

Daniel has achieved music grades in trumpet, drums and guitar and has toured with the Cross Border Orchestra Ireland. Along with his big brother James, he has played at the RDS Dublin, the Odyssey Belfast and M&S Arena Liverpool, to name but a few.

Symptoms led to a diagnosis

Daniel’s mum Anne recalls “Daniel’s initial symptom was back pain, first just once a week then almost daily. On 30th May this year, Daniel went to see his GP for blood tests, along with an x-ray and MRI scan. The same evening, we had a call to say that he potentially had leukaemia and needed to attend a specialist children's hospital the very next day."

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“31st May was spent getting tests and scans done. 1st June was the day the diagnosis of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) was confirmed. Just five days later, his chemotherapy started, with 25 doses of three drugs given over a 10-day period. Soon after, we received confirmation that Daniel would need a bone marrow transplant.”

How you can help

Anne is calling for all those eligible to join the UK stem cell donor register. “You could be the only person who can save another person’s life. That person and their family will be waiting and praying for a matching donor”.

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