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In partnership with The Christie

DKMS UK establishes its third donation centre at the largest single site cancer centre in Europe.


DKMS UK is delighted to announce that as well as 2023 marking our 10th anniversary, this April we will be expanding our services to donors through a new partnership with The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

The Christie in Manchester, based in the heart of the north west of England, is a specialist centre with more than 120 years of expertise in cancer care, research and education. It is one of Europe’s leading cancer centres, treating over 60,000 patients a year.

This new partnership will make it easier for people currently on the DKMS register, who live in the northwest of England, to donate locally. Previously DKMS donors had to travel to our sites in Sheffield or London, sometimes making it harder for donors to donate.

A third donation centre site will also mean we are able to offer greater availability of dates to donors and even more opportunities to meet the needs of the transplant centres, overall improving patients' second chance at life.

Establishing a new site is always a challenge but we are looking forward to continuing to grow our services for donors, working with more hospitals across the UK. We will keep you posted on how these partnerships develop in the coming weeks.

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