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Inspired by Luke Hope, an Apollo Motor Group apprentice who received a lifesaving stem cell transplant, and overwhelmed by the support of the automotive sector, DKMS is encouraging companies in the automotive industry to join forces and support ‘Drive to Survive’ by becoming members of the DKMS £2K Club.

Luke, 21, was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2018, the day before his 18th Birthday.

Following six months of intensive treatment, Luke entered a 9 month period of remission. However, in February 2020, Luke relapsed with an optical neuropathy, culminating in the loss of sight in his right eye. It was decided that Luke needed a bone marrow transplant, and unfortunately his sibling wasn’t a match, leaving the family looking to the stem cell register for a blood stem cell donor. Thankfully, after months of searching, much to his delight and that of his family, Luke found a donor and in October last year, he received a lifesaving transplant.

Luke commented: “I take each day as it comes. I’m happy waking up in the morning. I’m happy doing whatever, even if it’s just going down to the shop. Anything beats being in a hospital bed”.

He and his parents would like to see more people register as potential stem cell donors. They understand the vitally important impact a match can make for families like theirs.

By becoming a member of the DKMS £2K Club you can help us to help other patients, like Luke, find a potential lifesaving donor.

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