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For many people with blood cancer, a blood stem cell transplant from a matching donor offers their best or only chance of survival. Every year, there are around 2,000 blood cancer patients in the UK who require a potentially lifesaving blood stem cell donation. Tragically, 4 in 10 of these people are unsuccessful in their search. With just 2% of the country’s population on the register, we are determined to raise awareness and get more potential lifesavers signed up. It costs £40 to add one person to the registry and many people are unable to cover their own registration costs. This is why DKMS has created the ‘£2K Club’ – a club of corporate supporters whose contribution will go towards helping us register more people who could be a match for patients just like four year old Shahera.

Benefits of the 2K Club

A donation of £2,000 will give you membership of the Club for one year.

The benefits:

  • Acknowledgement and recognition via our social media channels
  • The opportunity to hold a company donor recruitment event at your workplace to register new potential lifesavers from your pool of employees (up to 50 people)
  • Confidence that your company continues to be acknowledged as a socially responsible business by making a positive contribution to all communities throughout the UK.

Shahera's Story

Shahera is just four years old. She has a very rare immunodeficiency disorder which means she can’t produce enough white blood cells and fight off infections. Her family has been told that a blood stem cell donation is her best chance of survival. None of Shahera’s family members are a match, so the search is on for an unrelated donor.
"It’s shocking that there is no match for Shahera and other people from Asian backgrounds,” says Shahera’s mum, Amina.
"Looking at her picture, you wouldn’t believe she was ill. You can’t really tell, but what is going on inside is a totally different story. We just want her to be cured soon so she can have a happy, healthy, long life. We don’t want her to miss out on anything.”

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