Gifts in Kind

Your time, products or services could support our fundraising efforts and help register even more potential blood stem cell donors.

We’re always grateful for products that could be used at one of our charity auctions such as:

  • Sports and music tickets
  • Memorabilia and collectables
  • Holidays and experiences

We also really appreciate products that could be used to support our fundraising campaigns. Nails Inc, for example, recently gifted us some amazing shades of nail polish to support our #LetsNailBloodCancer campaign.

You may also be able to offer your time or services. This could involve helping out at one of our fundraising events or donor drives, or offering your expertise to support our operations as a charity.

And finally, we’re always in need of spaces to hold our events so if you think your place of work would make a great venue then please get in touch!

Simply drop us an email or pick up the phone if you have any ideas about how your company could support DKMS. We would love to hear from you.

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