Donor Story

DKMS UK celebrates its 2000th donor

Amy, a teacher, recently became the 2,000th stem cell donor for DKMS UK


Amy was interviewed by and appeared on a number of local and national press websites in the UK. She explained how she felt “very fortunate and lucky” to give someone a second chance at life.

She found out about stem cell donation when staff at her school were giving blood. Amy found out she wasn’t eligible to give blood but that she was eligible to donate her stem cells. "I knew about blood cancer but I knew absolutely nothing about stem cell donation," said Amy. "I, like a lot of other people I think, assumed that it was the same as giving blood. This whole process has been really eye-opening and has made me realise that there needs to be a lot of education in this area."

Given how rare it is to find a matching donor, Amy was surprised when she received her second match in December. "The first match, unfortunately, didn’t work out so I was delighted when I was matched again. The chances of matching are so rare so the more people that join the register, the greater the chances for a patient in need. The whole process has been so easy.

"Everyone at DKMS and the staff at the clinic have made the proces so easy from start to finish and they have kept me informed at all times, they have gone out of their way to help me and made everything effortless. Nothing was too much and they were so informative the whole way through, from medical assessment to donation. The work that everyone does is amazing and it really helps to calm you throughout the experience!"

Many congratulations to our Medical team, who helped Amy through the process, and onwards and upwards to our 3000th donor!

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