10th anniversary

Daring to Keep Moving Strongly

Fundraiser and supporter, 'Woman on a Mission' Claire Morgan-Hughes invites us to join her in supporting DKMS.

Claire Morgan, 'Woman on a Mission'
Claire Morgan, 'Woman on a Mission'

Location: Lives in Devon with her husband, son and her daughter when she’s back from Uni!

Occupation: Company director of lifestyle brand and blog ‘Woman on a Mission’.

Hopes for 2023, current hopes: I’m currently on a mission to raise £50,000 for DKMS, so my hope is to reach that goal as soon as possible! The mission started as a celebration of my 50th year – a year filled with crazy challenges including a coastal marathon, epic triathlon around Snowdonia and a virtual cycle ride to Germany.

To help reach the total I’m organising a second annual Fun Run in my local area in July. Last year it was lovely to bring so many people together after the isolation of the pandemic. This year, I’m inviting people all around the world to take part wherever they are, so I also hope that we have lots of people taking part in the run.

What amusing or interesting phrase do you think the initials DKMS could stand for in English?: Daring to Keep Moving Strongly

My experience with cancer

Through my former role as an oncology nurse, I saw first-hand just how devastating a diagnosis of cancer can be for families. DKMS offers hope of a second chance of life for those in need of a stem cell transplant. It’s a fantastic cause that means a lot to me. The dream is to get the call to become a donor!

Celebrating 10 years working in the UK!
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On a mission

I have supported DKMS for many years by fundraising and raising awareness on my blog and social media channels; I am now on a mission to raise £50,000 to support DKMS' work.

Claire Morgan-Hughes and friends out hiking
Map showing Claire's completed cycle ride London to Tubingen
Claire, hill walking with walking poles, looking out over a lake

In July 2023 I set up a virtual challenge event, asking people to run 5K. The original event took place in my local village as part of our annual summer celebrations; this year was the second event, and it grew massively! Over 100 people took part in the fun run in the village and 18 in the virtual challenge. Participants in the virtual challenge were running all over the country; some even participated in the Cayman Islands.

Lots of families took part, including quite a few in fancy dress costumes including a frog and ‘Where’s Wally?’!
In total, the event raised over £2,100 and registered 33 people as potential life-savers. Roll on next year!

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Ideas for encouraging more potential donors to sign up

More work with A-level aged pupils in schools and universities across the country to ensure people are aware of the stem cell register from the earliest age they can register. I recently gave an assembly at my son’s sixth form and registered some of them as potential lifesavers. Hopefully one of them will get the call one day!

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