Blood Cancer Awareness Month: a determined success

As Blood Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end, we reflect back on a month-long journey marked by hope and unity.


In collaboration with loyal partners, devoted individuals and the ever-supportive DKMS community we’ve achieved significant milestones in giving hope to people with blood cancer.


Swabtember, our fundraising campaign throughout the month, was a remarkable testament to compassion and generosity. People from all walks of life stepped forward, dedicating their time, resources, and enthusiasm to support our cause. The funds raised during Swabtember will play a vital role in the ongoing battle against blood cancer, contributing to our relentless pursuit of more lifesavers for those in need.

A national drive uniting communities

A pivotal moment in our awareness campaign was the national drive held on Sunday 17 September where communities from 14 different locations united in a collective effort to combat blood cancer. This widespread drive showcased the power of unity and collaboration. Volunteers and participants joined forces, demonstrating their profound commitment to saving lives and leaving an indelible mark in the fight against this devastating disease. The national drive was one of several events which took place that weekend, resulting in over 3500 potential new donors signing up with DKMS.

Extensive media coverage for our messages

During Blood Cancer Awareness Month, our mission to delete blood cancer received extensive media coverage, including national television and newspaper coverage. The media played a pivotal role in helping us spread awareness about blood cancer, emphasise the importance of potential donors, and underscore the urgent need for more support.

Thank you to all the media outlets who have covered DKMS activities, helping us to register more potential stem cell donors and offer people with blood cancer a second chance at life.

Collaboration with partners and the DKMS community

Our success throughout this awareness month wouldn't have been possible without the loyal support and collaboration of our partners and the DKMS community. One individual who warrants special mention is Priya Davdra, whose dedication and involvement in our mission, and collaboration on a profoundly impactful video campaign, has been instrumental in strengthening our voice. The DKMS community rallied together to demonstrate the power of unity and the strength of our shared commitment to alleviating the burden of blood cancer.

As we reflect on this impactful month, we express our deep gratitude to everyone who played a part, whether as a donor, a volunteer, a partner, or a member of our community. Our collective efforts have brought us closer to our mission of eradicating blood cancer and instilling hope in countless individuals and families. Together, we stand resolute, ready to continue this journey.

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