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Staff and students manning a volunteer desk at Stirling University fair
Become a donor - save a life

Calling all Stirling students!

DKMS, with the help of the University of Stirling, is asking you to join our register to become a potential blood stem cell donor.

Help us increase the chances for patients across the UK and the world, to find a matching donor who has the potential to save their life.

Be a lifesaver...become a potential blood stem cell donor.

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Super-swab day at The University of Stirling - Part 2

Be a different kind of match this Valentine’s Day: help give someone a second chance at life.

After a successful donor drive last year at the University of Stirling with staff and students, DKMS Scotland hub volunteers are back again to increase the number of stem cell donors across Scotland by hosting an in person Super-swab event.

Wednesday 14 February 2024 (11pm - 3pm). The Atrium, Campus Central.

Swabbing takes two minutes and could be the first step to giving another person a second chance at life. The aim is to increase the chance of patients across the UK finding a matching donor. By registering as a donor you could help someone like Josie and others in need of a stem cell transplant.

Not able to join us on the day?

If you are unable to attend our event on the day, please register for a kit to be sent to your home or click 'Become a donor' at the top of the page.

Stop watch highlighting twenty minutes on a red background with the text "Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with blood cancer."
Graphic showing age range of donors in the UK
Volunteer with us!
We have a number of volunteer roles available

Our patients and appeals need your help

By registering as a donor you could help someone like Josie, Bobby or Brooklyn (below) or others who are looking for their potential match. Meet some of the other patients and appeals we are supporting.

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Help us find more donors
Everyone who needs a blood stem cell transplant must find their potential donor. Can you help?