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Members of the Scottish volunteer hub

Our Scotland Hub was initially set up by Steven Macmillan in 2019, who recognised a lack of awareness of stem cell donation and DKMS in Scotland.

In 2021, Chris Bain took on the role of lead volunteer. After donating his stem cells in 2020 he found a passion to become more involved with DKMS.

The Hub has grown since with volunteers spread across Scotland. The amazing team of volunteers have supported the charity by fundraising through kilt walks to 10km runs, bake sales and creating Christmas cards for donations. They have run a number of donor registration drives in various locations such as the Emirates arena in Glasgow, University of Stirling and University of Aberdeen.

In March 2023 the team organised the first DKMS Scotland Gala at Aberdeen FC, raising £3000 for DKMS.

Our volunteers

Each of the Scottish hub volunteers has their own unique story of how they came to join the DKMS Scotland Hub, but all share the same passion and drive to promote the DKMS vision and ultimately, find those all-important matches.

Chris: Hub Lead

Chris as the Hub Lead, was key in organising the first-ever, and very successful, DKMS Scotland Gala in 2023. An amazing achievement!

Donna Roby: donor drive organiser/social media volunteer
Donna: Donor Drive Organiser/Social Media Volunteer

Donna's secret skill is moonwalking!

Jamie,  DKMS Scotland volunteer
Jamie: Hub Volunteer

Jamie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in 2016. As he underwent chemotherapy he received two amazing presents on the same day - his wife gave birth to identical twin girls and he received news that he had a blood stem cell donor match!

"This young guy selflessly saved my life. I’ll never be able to thank him enough for what he has given me and my family."

Fran: Hub Volunteer

Fran is also a donor; she considers her most amazing achievement beyond everything else is saving the life of a stranger thanks to DKMS!

Anne: hub volunteer
Anne: Hub Volunteer/Social Media Volunteer

Anne has a photographic memory - she can remember everything, word for word; an amazing skill that is appreciated by most, but not in every situation!

Hazel - Scotland hub volunteer
Hazel: Hub Volunteer

Hazel's secret skill is finding all those lost items that her family can't!

Jemma; Hub Volunteer
Jemma: Hub Volunteer

Jemma became a volunteer following her best friend's transplant. Luckily her friend's sister, her other best friend, was a match, but it weighed heavily on them that there were so many waiting. They are spreading the DKMS word wherever they can!

Help us increase the chances for patients across the UK and the world, to find a matching donor who has the potential to save their life. Be a lifesaver...become a potential blood stem cell donor.

If you're unable to join the register but would still like to help, get in touch below to find out about local volunteering opportunities and others ways to support DKMS.

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Recent events

In 2023, we also held donor recruitment events in Keith, Muir of Ord and Stirling.

Not able to join us on the day?

If you are unable to attend any of our events on the day, please register for a kit to be sent to your home or click 'Become a donor' at the top of the page.

Our patients and appeals need your help

By registering as a donor you could help someone like our patients below, or our Stirling University appeal (below), in the Scottish region or others who are looking for their potential match. Meet some of the other appeals and patients we are supporting.

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Each new potential donor costs us £40 to register. You can help cover our costs by making a gift today.

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Our hub is on the lookout for volunteers. If you live or work in Scotland and would like to get involved, please contact us.

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