Photo of Manchester Town Hall
Charity Event

Manchester Marathon 2024

Talbot Road, M16 0PE, Manchester, United Kingdom
09:00 (BST)
13:00 (BST)
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If you already have your own place, you can still join #TeamDKMS. If not, take a look at the other events you can sign up to.

Join #TeamDKMS for this event!

The UK's flattest major marathon and the fourth-largest marathon in Europe. The Manchester Marathon is renowned for its electric atmosphere that permeates every step of the course.

What you get

Join the team to receive:

  • personal support
  • lots of fundraising advice
  • DKMS t-shirt and technical top for training and race day
  • access to lots of fundraising materials such as banners, balloons, collection tins and even some fancy QR code technology
  • a celebration pack including a medal and certificate after the race.

Registration and fundraising details

  • self-funding: registration fee £120 / no minimum sponsorship target
  • fundraising: registration fee £50 / minimum sponsorship target £200.

Have your own place?

If you have secured your own place we'd love you to join #TeamDKMS as an own place runner. This means that you'll receive the same support as our charity runners but there’s no minimum fundraising target - you can have fun and raise as much as you can! To join the team click 'Sign up' above.

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