World Marrow Donor Day - Thank you donor

World Marrow Donor Day - Thank you donor

This World Marrow Donor Day (WMDD) we are joining with other donor centres across the world asking everyone who is able to, to register online as part of the WMDD Virtual Global Donor Drive.

Annually, about 20,000 patients worldwide receive blood stem cells from an unrelated matching donor somewhere in the world. Unfortunately, a potential match is not found for every patient - but you can help!

WMDD is celebrated globally on the third Saturday of September. A unique day to thank all 37 million volunteer donors across the world, who have signed up to potentially donate marrow or blood stem cells for patients in need of a transplant. World Marrow Donor Day also gives the opportunity to patients and donors to explain the impact of blood stem cell transplantation on their lives as well as spreading awareness.

World Marrow Donor Day was initiated in 2015 and has since then grown into a worldwide celebration involving donor centres, registries, transplant centres, patient initiatives, patients and donors and the general public.

Giving blood cancer patients a second chance at life
We are fighting blood cancer. We want as many people as possible to join the blood stem cell donor register.
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Help us find more donors
Everyone who needs a blood stem cell transplant must find their potential donor. Can you help?