Your donation could help more princesses grow up to be queens

Livia and Esha pictured with cartoon crowns

How much would you give for a child to have the chance to grow up? For just £40 you could help find the lifesaving blood stem cell match for a child with blood cancer.

Esha and Livia love dressing up as princesses, and dream of growing up to be queens one day.

For a while, that dream was taken away. As toddlers, both girls were diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). They were two of over 600 children in the UK diagnosed with blood cancer every year, the most common form of childhood cancer.

Livia in hospital
Esha in hospital

They went from enjoying their childhood –drawing, dancing, playing and pretending to be princesses – to spending most of their time on hospital wards, undergoing intensive treatment.

Livia and Esha needed blood stem cell transplants to survive. With both little girls having minority ethnic backgrounds, finding their matches wasn’t easy. Working with DKMS their families launched campaigns to register thousands more blood stem cell donors.

Luckily, they both found their lifesaving donations.

Livia with a Union Jack and DKMS flag
Esha in a sun hat

Now the girls are back to doing what they love best – playing at princesses – and can’t wait to grow up to be queens.

It cost £40 to register each potential lifesaver. Can you give a child with blood cancer the chance to dream of a future by donating now?

£40 registers a new potential lifesaver

£15 enables us to educate people about the importance of being on the register

£5 covers the cost of a swab pack and postage

Help us to register even more lifesavers

We’d love it if you could help us to get more people on the register so that everyone who needs a blood stem cell donor can find their match.
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