Help nail blood cancer this Blood Cancer Awareness Month

31 August 2018

Within one month, 2,500 people in the UK will be diagnosed with a blood cancer – that’s one every 20 minutes, the same time it takes to get a manicure.  

This Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we’re challenging people to play their part in the fight against blood cancer by hosting a #LetsNailBloodCancer mani-pedicure party to raise money. These donations will help us to register more potential blood stem cell donors and save more lives. 

The #LetsNailBloodCancer fundraising kits

In the UK, only 1 in 3 people with a blood cancer (and in need of a transplant) will find a matching blood stem cell donor within their own family, so 2 in 3 need to rely on a stranger to save their life. Whilst we have a growing register of over 400,000 potential donors, we desperately need to register more people to find a match for everyone in need. 

Donate money for donor registration costs

It costs £40 to register a new potential blood stem cell donor in the UK. Of those people who usually get their nails done professionally, 89% would spend up to £40 on a monthly manicure. 

We’ve teamed up with British cosmetic brand Barry M to provide some fantastic fundraising kits, including a bottle of Barry M red nail paint, for anyone who signs up to take part in the campaign. In return, we’ll ask you to organise a #LetsNailBloodCancer mani-pedicure party and raise money to cover the costs of registering new potential donors.

We’ve teamed up with Barry M to provide  #LetsNailBloodCancer fundraising kits

Celebrity support to #LetsNailBloodCancer

We are delighted that Rosie Williams from this year’s Love Island ITV series, is supporting this campaign.

She said: “In the 20 minutes it takes you to have a manicure, another person will have been diagnosed with a blood cancer. The fight against blood cancer is one that matters so much to me, having a rare blood disorder called Thalassemia Beta B and I’m so proud to be supporting DKMS in this drive to encourage people right across the UK to host their own #LetsNailBloodCancer parties.

"The parties are a chance to get together with friends, paint nails and donate the price of a usual manicure to charity. These donations will help DKMS register more potential donors and help save lives”.

Raising vital funds with #LetsNailBloodCancer parties

Gail Wilson’s six year old son, Scott, was diagnosed with leukaemia two years ago. They were told that if Scott comes out of remission then there could be a possibility that he may one day need to find a matching blood stem cell donor.

She said: “Everyone seems to be aware of blood donation and organ donation but there is a lack of awareness around blood stem cell donation. By hosting a #LetsNailBloodCancer party you can raise vital funds to help register more potential lifesavers.”

Caroline Richardson, Head of Fundraising at DKMS says: “We wanted to double the feel-good factor with this campaign by encouraging people to pamper themselves while also helping to give people in need of a blood stem cell transplant a second chance at life.

"The #LetsNailBloodCancer parties are a great alterative to a professional manicure and our fundraising kits contain a beautiful shade of Barry M nail paint. We’ve had a fantastic response from everyone so far. We hope more people sign up for a kit.”

Sign up for your #LetsNailBloodCancer fundraising kit now and help us register more lifesavers.