Host a mani-pedi party and give blood cancer the finger

Lend a hand in the fight against blood cancer by hosting a #LetsNailBloodCancer Party and raising funds to help register more potential life-saving blood stem cell donors.

Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer and 40% of patients in the UK will not find an un-related matching donor. For many of these people a blood stem cell donation, from a matching donor, will be their best and only chance of survival. We are working tirelessly to register as many people as possible onto the UK Aligned Stem Cell Registry so that one day there will be a matching donor for every person in need.

It costs DKMS £40 to register each new potential blood stem cell donor. The money you raise at your party will go towards registering more potential life-savers.

We are delighted to announce that Barry M, the leading British colour cosmetics company, are the official partner of #LetsNailBloodCancer and will be providing one of their iconic and vibrant nail paints for each kit to ensure your party stays bang on trend for colour and style!

Request our fundraising pack and host a mani-pedicure party for family, friends and colleagues. All we ask for is a £10 deposit per kit (which can be refunded once you have held your party). This is to cover the costs of producing and dispatching the kits.

Founded in 1982, Barry M is famous for its wide range of colourful, cruelty free, on trend products and is dedicated to offering high quality at affordable prices.

Both DKMS & Barry M believe there is a match for everyone that will enable them to live a vibrant and colourful life!

Taking part is easy – and fun! Together, #LetsNailBloodCancer.

Take part in #LetsNailBloodCancer

We're on hand to make sure your mani-pedicure party is a glam and glitzy affair with as much lifesaving potential as possible. Get in touch with questions or if you need help.

Get your mitts on our kits

Let's nail blood cancer

Your fundraising pack has everything to get you started, including an exclusive limited edition bottle of Barry M red nail paint.

The Nail Files

Find all the advice you need and extra resources, like invitations and posters, in the Nail File.

The Nail Bar

Let's Nail Blood Cancer

Find extra nail art and party inspiration. Britain's Got Tallons, anyone?


Our #LetsNailBloodCancer Nail File contains all the downloadable resources you need to support your party. Including invitations you can send to your guests, a guest book, more posters so you can publicise your event and a special thank you that you can attach electronically. Oh and by the way, remember to tell your guests how much your party raised. Together, #LetsNailBloodCancer!


This Autumn pull up a stool and join us at the DKMS nail bar and together #LetsNailBloodCancer.

Invite the gang round for a cheeky cocktail or a refreshing healthy mocktail while you have fun raising money for DKMS to enable more registrations. Perhaps a mani & martini or a pedi & prosecco is more to your taste? Either way have a browse through our range of cocktails and mocktails to help your #LetsNailBloodCancer party go with a swing…go on you deserve it!

Salons and nail bars

Salons and nail bars can get involved too! Why not demonstrate your social responsibility credentials by donating a percentage of profits from each nail treatment, conducted over a day, to raise money and help register more potential blood stem cell donors?

Alternatively, hold a week-long party event that engages all your employees and loyal customers showing that you care about our mission to provide a matching donor for every blood cancer patient in need of a blood stem cell donation.

Become an advocate of our new and exciting fundraising campaign and join us in the fight against blood cancer.

Lara's story

"Two years ago, aged 24, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood cancer called acute myeloid leukaemia. My medical team said that a blood stem cell transplant was my best chance of survival.

"Only one in three people will be lucky enough to find a matching donor within their family but none of mine was a match for me. The doctors warned me the chances of me finding a matching donor from an unrelated person would be slim. At the time, just three per cent of registered donors were of mixed race heritage and my Chinese-Thai-Italian heritage made finding a match particularly difficult.

"It was a devastating blow. I was studying for my Masters in Global Migration and making plans for my future. My diagnosis changed everything in a heartbeat.

"However, my family were amazing. We decided that we would do everything we could to get more ethnically diverse people to register as potential blood stem cell donors through a social media campaign we launched called #Match4Lara. Not only was it my best chance of survival but it would help other people with black, asian, another minority or mixed ethnicity find matching blood stem cell donors too.

"We got in contact with DKMS and with their help launched #Match4Lara. Everyone worked so hard and, astonishingly, thousands of people, across the world, came forward to register. We estimated that in total 50,000 people globally signed up in response to the campaign. Ready to save a stranger’s life.

"Watching all these humans connect across the globe kept me positive. I thought ‘this is what humanity is truly about’. And against all the odds, a donor was found for me.

"One year on, although it’s been a rough ride, I am now well, and have started a new job.

"I know, first-hand, how vital it is that we get more people to register as potential blood stem cell donors. My medical team likened looking for my donor to ‘searching for a needle in a haystack’. But thanks to that wonderful person who registered, I’ve got a second chance of life.

"Thank you for supporting the #LetsNailBloodCancer campaign to help DKMS register more potential donors. I wouldn’t be here today without mine."

Thank you

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