Give the Gift of Life this festive season

Alfie with his Mum and Christin holding flowers when they met for the first time
It costs us £40 to register just one potential blood stem cell donor. Not everyone who signs up is able to contribute towards this cost, so we need your help.

Alfie can’t wait for Christmas! However, the situation five years ago was very different, when his family was fearful they would never find the anonymous stem cell donor they needed to save his life.

£40 made all the difference. That’s how much it costs to register one potential blood stem cell donor – in this case, Christin, Alfie’s very own Secret Santa.

Thanks to the selflessness of Christin, and the generosity of the supporter whose financial donation helped register her as a lifesaver, Alfie received the gift of life.

We need more financial donations to help us grow our register, so that for every person like Alfie, who needs a blood stem cell donation, there is a matching donor, like Christin.

The registration costs include analysis of a potential blood stem cell donor’s tissue using sophisticated technology, to ensure that we can offer the optimal genetic match for someone in need to give them the best opportunity for a second chance of life.

This Christmas there are over 2,000 people in the UK looking for a blood stem cell donor. Just like Alfie, they want to spend many more Christmases with their loved ones.

Can you help give them the ultimate gift?

Alfie sitting on a hospital bed surrounded by machines
Alfie being held by his Mum, smiling into the camera.
£40 registers a new potential lifesaver
£15 enables us to educate people about the importance of being on the register
£5 covers the cost of a swab pack and postage