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Your Medical Services has chosen to work with DKMS, a cause close to our hearts.

A few years ago, a daughter of a colleague was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia and is still in need of a stem cell transplant. Due to immunosuppressive treatment, she is doing well at the moment but is still hopeful to find her match.

Her dad is a doctor with Your Medical Services, so we want to support DKMS in their mission, to not only find his daughter a stem cell match but every other patient out there in need of a match too.

Just three cheek swabs are all it takes to join the register. Please join today and help make sure all patients find their lifesaving match.

About DKMS

DKMS recruits stem cell donors. provides second chances at life for those in need of a transplant, and raises funds to cover donor registration costs.

Over 2000 people each year in the UK are in need of a blood stem cell transplant, however, just three percent of the UK's population are registered as potential lifesaving donors. That is why DKMS is dedicated to registering more people and finding everyone in need that perfect match.

Make a gift
Each new potential donor costs us £40 to register. You can help cover our costs by making a gift today.

We are clinical service providers

Your Medical Services is an established provider of clinical services. We are dedicated to helping NHS Trusts nationwide meet their cancer, RTT and diagnostic waiting list targets, maximise available capacity and deliver patient care to the highest standards.

By using our proven insourcing model, we can significantly reduce waiting list pressures in outpatient departments. diagnostics departments and day surgery departments. Our complete solutions are flexible. cost-effective and fully supported by consultants working in the NHS.

Ready to become a potential lifesaver? Join the register now