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Ellis' Story

“It might not be a match for me, but it might be a match for someone else,” explains Ellis.

26-year-old Ellis from Bristol needs our help. Ellis, his friends, and his family are calling on more people to join the stem cell register to help people like Ellis to find their stem cell matches.

Ellis started feeling unwell before Christmas, and went to A&E after experiencing tiredness, dizziness, and a lack of appetite. Devastatingly, Ellis was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, and was told he would need a stem cell transplant to treat the aggressive form of blood cancer.

With Ellis now receiving treatment in the hospital, his friends and family are working hard to encourage more people to join the stem cell register.

Ellis’ friend, Sophie, explains: “A lot of us didn’t know about how straightforward donating stem cells was before, we assumed it would be a really invasive process – but 90% of the time, it can be as simple as giving blood.

“All of us hope we’ll find a match for Ellis. It’s been so powerful to see how his story has brought people together, so far. We hope that #TryForEllis leaves a lasting legacy."

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As Ellis is dual heritage, it may be more difficult to find him a match on the stem cell register. This is because people from minority ethnic backgrounds are more likely to have a rare tissue type, so are less likely to find a perfect match on the stem cell register.

This is why we need your help to #TryForEllis

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