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Join the cause sparked by Lani's mom, Ashleigh, as she shares her daughter's story on Reddit. Lani, a spirited ten-year-old who enjoys swimming, outdoor adventures, and family crafting sessions, has been grappling with a rare immunodeficiency. Amidst regular hospital visits, her medical team has now prescribed a bone marrow transplant as the crucial next step in her treatment journey.

Lani with her family

Ashleigh, fuelled by a mother's love, has taken proactive steps behind the scenes, teaming up with DKMS to register potential donors. Her impassioned plea on Reddit, seen HERE, reaches out globally, urging individuals to consider becoming donors and offering hope to those in need, including her daughter.

The reality is, countless individuals like Lani require blood stem cell or bone marrow transplants daily. With family donations viable only about thirty percent of the time, the remaining seventy percent depend on unrelated donors.

As Ashleigh emphasises, "You could be the one to provide Lani with the life-saving match she desperately needs."

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