Image of Isabelle smiling at camera
Image of Isabelle smiling at camera

Netballing to find Izzie's match

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Izzie's Story

"Foxes Netball Club has a strong family ethos with 'Love & Strength' as the club mantra. We are keen to keep Izzie involved in netball. As a club we are well aware of the strength and support the wider netball community will provide, as we are one big netball family."

Izzie, 13, was diagnosed with two serious blood disorders including aplastic anaemia, a condition where the body does not produce enough blood cells, in August 2021. We need your help to find Izzie's stem cell match.

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Foxes Netball Club would like to see the netball community come to this passionate young player’s aid.

One of her coaches, Gareth, said: "Izzie has been playing for Foxes for the last few years and was really pleased to come back following the Covid-19 restrictions. Izzie plays Goal Shooter / Goal Attack and shows real potential within those positions and as a team player. As well as Izzie's passion for netball, she is a fantastic team mate and player. She is also a great cook and enjoys TikTok. Although Izzie is unwell, she wants to remain involved in netball in whatever way she can.

"Izzie has started to come back to training sessions to help out with coaching and umpiring, which also gives her the opportunity to socialize with her teammates. She has also expressed an interest in getting involved with Little League when it starts in April.

"As a club, we want to keep Izzie involved in netball in any way we can and help support her and her family to help create a sense of normality within her life and somewhere that she can just be Izzie. Now we are calling on the wider netball community to do their bit to help Izzie find her match."

Isabelle and her dad Neil

Izzie’s dad, Neil, said: “Izzie had become a little low on energy mainly when playing sports and then developed unexplained bruising on her limbs. This raised concerns so a doctor was consulted who recommended a blood test.”

"It was very, very sudden," said Izzie’s mum, Sally. "One weekend she was playing netball and then the next weekend, she had developed this unexplainable large bruising. These are life-threatening conditions. It's heartbreaking. Finding a donor would literally change Izzie's life."

Neil said: “It takes a few minutes to register and another few minutes to complete the swabs. It’s free and could save a life”.

If you are aged 17-55 and in general good health, you can join the register by clicking the red button below. You could be the perfect match for someone like Izzie in need of a donor.

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