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Mia's story

A child's everyday life should be colourful, full of the spirit of discovery and childlike joy: playing in kindergarten, fooling around with friends, sharing with family all the exciting things they have experienced today and so much more. Unfortunately, such a carefree life is far from reality for many sick children like Mia.

Mia, aged five, loves going to kindergarten, likes to speak her mind, likes dogs and has a heartwarming laugh. But Mia's life is currently anything but carefree because she has blood cancer for the second time already!

Mia standing on the beach
Mia with her parents

Mia's cancer returns

Mia was diagnosed with leukaemia when she was two and a half years old. She bravely faced the chemotherapy treatments and was considered cancer-free a year later. Now her cancer has returned - acute lymphatic leukaemia (ALL) - a big shock for her whole family. In order to be healthy and a child again, Mia urgently needs a blood stem cell donation.

Mia's mother told us, "We were stunned and shocked at first. We couldn't believe that we would have to go this difficult way for the second time. From the beginning of the therapy it was clear that Mia needs a blood stem cell donation to get well again and that she will have to endure chemotherapy and numerous treatments until then. We would have wished so much for our child that she would never have to go through these treatments again."

Looking for a carefree childhood

Mia's dream? To beat cancer and live a life full of health, joy and happy moments. A carefree childhood, with all the adventures, fun, little joys and big emotions - that's what we wish for Mia with all our heart. But first, her genetic twin must be found. Mia can only survive if somewhere in the world there is a person with almost identical tissue characteristics who is willing to donate blood stem cells.

So help us find that person now: register as a potential blood stem cell donor, share the appeal and tell those around you about it! Together we can give hope to children like Mia and those affected all over the world.

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How you can help

Every 14 minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer or disorder. You could be their lifesaver if you’re aged 17-55 and in generally good health.

Please sign up to be a blood stem cell donor. Not just for children like Mia but for millions around the world suffering from blood diseases, cancers and immunodeficiency who need transplants.

You could be someone’s second chance at life and their cure.

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