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Maggie's story

Maggie is looking for the perfect match.

Maggie, 14, is a kind and compassionate student known for her sporting prowess. She has been diagnosed with a rare form of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). She needs a blood stem cell transplant; a search is now underway to find her potential match.

Mggie at the beach

Maggie's parents thought her initial symptoms were a ‘school bug’. After a precautionary visit to the GP, concerns were raised about her white blood cell count. The family was advised to head to A&E immediately. They were later informed of her AML diagnosis.

Chemotherapy begins

Doctors made the call to immediately start a gruelling 10-day course of chemotherapy. Due to the rare form of leukaemia, doctors advised that a stem cell transplant is the only option as her cancer may not respond to chemotherapy.

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Blood cancer is the most common type of childhood cancer. Every year, more than 500 children aged under 15 are diagnosed. Currently, three percent of the UK’s population are registered as potential donors.

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