Aparna wearing a yellow and orange sari
Aparna wearing a yellow and orange sari

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Aparna's story

In March 2023, Aparna was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

Aparna is a very young 49-year-old. She is a very hard-working, loving, caring daughter, wife, sister, mother and an extremely supportive friend, holding a very special place in everyone's heart.

Aparna loves shopping, travelling, chatting and socialising. She is someone who not only inspires her nearest and dearest but is a role model for others too. She will always go above and beyond in her thoughts and deeds to help someone.

Aparna's diagnosis

Her first symptoms were skin spots in early summer 2022, and intermittent fever. She was admitted to hospital in September, where she was treated for colitis and vasculitis, and blood clots. She was discharged with steroids and blood thinners and also started with immunosuppressants in addition.

In December her blood tests were all within normal limits. In late February, Aparna started having fatigue symptoms followed by sudden oral ulcers and profuse vaginal bleeding which led to being admitted to hospital n March where she was diagnosed with AML.

Aparna has undergone chemotherapy treatment and is currently in her first remission. However, she needs a blood stem cell transplant as soon as possible.

Searching for her match

Aparna has two sisters neither of who, sadly, is a suitable match. Her eldest sister is only a 50 percent match and her younger sister is a less than 50 percent match. Her 24-year-old daughter has also been tested and is awaiting her results.

So now Aparna and her family are looking much wider - searching for Aparna's perfect match.

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