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Bobby's story

Bobby, from Bessbrook in County Armagh, is an amazing, funny, caring, gentle, beautiful eight-year-old boy.

Bobby lives at home with his Mum and Dad, Louise and Danny, and his dogs Rosie and Ben whom he loves so much. He has a caring nature, bringing so much love and joy to everyone’s lives - he loves to play tricks on his Mum and Dad.

Before Bobby became unwell, he loved to be outdoors, climbing mountains. He loved to go swimming and playing football with his friends. He loves playing Fortnite now and that is his main contact with the outside world.

Bobby standing in the street dressed in 'United' bobble hat and black jacket

Bobby's diagnosis

Bobby first became unwell in March 2022, when he developed a lump on his neck and was initially diagnosed with glandular fever. However, after 10 weeks of becoming increasingly unwell, Bobby was referred for further tests. He was sadly diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) on 27 May 2022.

Since Bobby’s diagnosis, his and his parents' worlds have been turned upside down. He quickly began chemotherapy. Following two rounds of treatment the doctors advised that it sadly was not working. Bobby was moved from his home in Northern Ireland to the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne for CAR-T (T cell therapy). Unfortunately, this has also been unable to treat the cancer; he will need a blood stem cell transplant.

Bobby standing on a patio giving a thumb's up

Searching for a match

Bobby needs a transplant as soon as possible. His doctors have begun the search for a matching donor; his parents, Louise and Danny, are urging everyone to register to help patients like Bobby.

“Please, please register. You could save our boy's life or another life. You have the opportunity to save a person's life and save a whole family from grief and despair.”

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