Image of Ethan with his thumb up
Image of Ethan with his thumb up

Ethan needs a donor!

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Ethan's story

Ethan, 10, was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia in December 2021, after initially being rushed to hospital with suspected leukaemia.

After finding out that no one in his family is a suitable match, he is now in need of a blood stem cell transplant from a stranger.

Ethan is a typical 10-year-old who loves to play on his Xbox, spend time with his brother Ryan, and sister Amy, and play football with his best friend, Harry.

Image of Ethan hugging his sister

Ethan is currently having blood transfusions and platelet transfusions as and when he needs them whilst waiting for a bone marrow donor.

Tracy, Ethan’s mum, is urging anyone aged 17-55 and in general good health to join the DKMS stem cell register. “It is so important to register simply because you could save a life and it’s such a simple, selfless thing to do.”

Tracy is also keen for those already on the DKMS register to check that their contact and address details are still up to date. Ethan had three potential matches who did not respond when they were contacted, so the search is still ongoing.

If you have moved address or your personal details have changed, you can update your information here.

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