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Erin's story

Four-year-old Erin was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in Autumn 2019.

Erin loves watching cartoons, her favourites being Bluey, Paddington Bear and Disney Princesses. She also enjoys playing in the park with her friends and spending time with her older sister Neave and puppy Angus.

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Image of Erin in the hospital

Hospital referral

In October 2019, Erin was unable to shake off a bad cough and cold despite taking antibiotics. She was also fatigued and experiencing night sweats.

She was referred to her local hospital by the GP, and within hours was transferred to Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children, where her diagnosis was confirmed.

Erin went through several weeks of intensive chemotherapy and steroid treatments, having several lumbar punctures and blood and platelet transfusions. She had various treatments for over two years.

In May 2022 Erin rang the end of treatment bell and was doing well.

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Searching for a suitable donor

At the start of July, she started to complain of head and back aches, as well as vomiting. On 21 August, the family were advised that Erin had relapsed. She’s had four weeks of chemotherapy and is currently undergoing antibody therapy in preparation for a bone marrow transplant.

No one in the family is a suitable match for Erin, so the family is looking to a stranger to donate their stem cells to Erin.

How you can help

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