Image of Dillan smiling at camera
Image of Dillan smiling at camera

Dillan is searching for his perfect match

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Dillan's story

Four-year-old Dillan was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in May 2020, when the UK was in the first lockdown.

Dillan's family was advised that he needed to have three years of treatment, but due to the incredible progress he had made, this was reduced to just two years. This gave Dillan a chance to reintegrate into normal life, for example, allowing him to start school in September 2022.

However, his Mum, Amy noticed that, out of the blue, Dillan's weight was increasing very quickly and his energy was low. She mentioned this to the consultant at his next hospital appointment, which was meant to be their last visit. The concerned consultant took a routine lumbar puncture sample from Dillan to be tested. At this very point, Dillan had been cleared to ring the bell just eight days later. Yet, within 24 hours, the family was told that his cancer had returned. It was visible in Dillan’s spinal fluid, making it likely that if the bone marrow was also checked, it would show up there too.

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Chemotherapy starts again

His consultant confirmed that Dillan was going to need to start chemotherapy again, including a session which landed on a significant day, Dillan’s fourth birthday in August 2022.

Sharks, whales, football and dinosaurs

Dillan, like most little boys, loves to play football. He is obsessed with sharks and whales knowing every fact about them and is equally the same with dinosaurs.

Dillan playing with a football on the beach

Amy, Dillan’s Mum said “After the sample was taken his professor came in to see me, to say how well he’s been doing, and that he can finish his treatment a year early, meaning this would potentially be his last ever lumbar puncture, we went away that night planning a normal future for him.”

“The next morning. I got a phone call from the professor who checked the spinal fluid sample after we left which showed high levels of cancer.”

Help for Dillan and others

Dillan's best chance of survival is a stem cell transplant. Could you be his perfect match?

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