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Oliver's story

Oliver was born 12 weeks prematurely. Whilst in hospital he needed multiple blood transfusions. Doctors noticed he wasn't making his own red blood cells, which led to a diagnosis of the rare blood disorder, Diamond Blackfan anaemia (DBA) in February 2022.

Active, lively and strong-willed

Oliver’s mother takes up the story, ”Oliver is such a happy, adventurous soul who has no fear. His favourite hobby is playing in the garden, picking strawberries and blackberries off the bush. He loves to run, climb and be free. He loves life, nature, cuddles and really loves being himself. He has a strong personality and even stronger will-power.

“For everything that he has been through he has shown bravery and courage to be admired. He is a force of nature and I'm so looking forward to seeing the person he becomes. One being out there could be the 10/10 match for him, giving Oliver the chance at life, to explore, be happy and to grow old with a fulfilling life.”

Oliver with his parents
Oliver being held by his father inside an incubator

Many blood transfusions

At just two years old, Oliver is already coming up to his 40th blood transfusion. Alongside this, he has to have chelation therapy, which is a needle in his leg five times a week with a 12-hour infusion pump. This helps his body to get rid of the excess iron which is causing damage to his liver - and ultimately his heart.

Oliver dressed in pyjamas sitting on a hospital bed
Oliver sitting on the ground in woodland

Looking for a 10/10 match

A stem cell transplant is ultimately Oliver's only cure. There’s currently a 9/10 match on the register for Oliver but his family are desperately hoping that a 10/10 match is found before his transplant takes place next year.

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How you can help

Oliver’s mother Jessica, donated her own stem cells to someone earlier this year and is encouraging others to join, to help patients just like Oliver. Jessica says, “To know that one act from me has potentially saved a life – it’s incredible.”

Please join the stem cell register today, to make sure Oliver and patients like him find their lifesaving match.

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