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Francis' story

UPDATE Sep 2023: We've just been informed that ‘multiple 10/10 matches’ have been identified for Francis. The preparation work for Francis' transplant begins now.

Imagine discovering your newborn child has blood cancer.

Francis' parents, Aaron and Anna, experienced this heart-wrenching reality. The unimaginable became reality for them when, at 15 weeks old, baby Francis was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). He now urgently needs a stem cell match from an unrelated donor to survive.


At four weeks old, Francis started bruising. Despite initial tests showing no concerns, the bruises persisted. When he began sleeping excessively and spiked a fever of 39 degrees, his family rushed him to the hospital.

“While in A&E Francis deteriorated fast. He became floppy, he wasn’t himself and we were rushed straight through. His bloods came back, his full blood count was extremely low. He needed an emergency blood transfusion,” recalled his parents.

Cancer in his genes

A bone marrow biopsy uncovered the shocking truth: Francis' bone marrow was 80% cancerous. Immediate chemotherapy was the only option, offering a 60% chance of survival after four intensive rounds.

Francis quickly began chemotherapy, but on 15 August, a doctor revealed more challenging news – “they had found certain cancer genetics. This decreased Francis’ survival chance to 30% IF we get him a suitable match for bone marrow,” ­Francis' mum, Anna, explains.

Looking for his lifesaver

We need to work together to find Francis his lifesaving match, to allow this little Liverpool FC fan the chance to grow up and live his dreams.

Francis’ mum, Anna, emphasises the importance of joining the register, “You don’t ever think anything like this will happen to you. [Donating] is a small procedure that can literally save someone’s life.”

Your help matters, not just for Francis but for all patients with blood cancer and blood disorders. Take the first step of your lifesaving journey by joining the stem cell register today.

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