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Manuel's story

About four years ago, a colleague shared with me and other colleagues that a young girl was desperately in need of a blood stem cell donor due to suffering from leukaemia.

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We were asked if we could take a blood test to see if we would be a match for her. However, before anything could be done to help her, I was told that the girl had tragically passed away. This was a very emotional moment in my life that has stayed with me ever since.

In May 2018, I registered as a blood stem cell donor. Even if I couldn't save that young girl, I was looking for the opportunity to give someone else a second chance at life.

Opportunity to become a donor

After having been on the register for a few years, I got a call in July 2021 to have a blood test and see if I was in good enough health for a patient who was in need of a blood stem cell donor. I jumped at the chance to do so, as soon as possible, as this was a matter that was very close to my heart. I was pleased to have been confirmed as a match.

In the lead-up to my donation, I had two G-CSF injections (a hormone-like substance that increases the number of stem cells in the bloodstream) each day for four days. In early November, I went to The London Clinic and donated my blood stem cells over the course of a couple of days. After I successfully donated my stem cells and plasma I felt elated. It was such a rush to know this could potentially save someone’s life.

Chirag giving his donation

At The London Clinic, I met a lovely guy named Chirag who was undergoing the same procedure. We both had a very pleasant experience and felt that the staff could not have been more accommodating. We were both glad to have the opportunity to do our bit in the fight against blood cancer.

I am one of the Directors at Bruhati Solutions, a UK-based business solutions and consultancy firm that has chosen DKMS as our charity to support. This December, we are working alongside Our Lady's Preparatory School and Nursery to raise £2,000, which will go towards the life-saving work that DKMS does.

We are aware that people from ethnic minority backgrounds in the UK often have a hard time finding a blood stem cell donor that they are compatible with because they are very under-represented on the register.

More about Bruhati

At Bruhati, we pride ourselves on being a diverse company of people from different ethnic backgrounds, so it is very important to us that ALL people have an equal chance to receive the care they need. That is why we are making it our mission to encourage people of as many ethnic groups as possible to register as blood stem cell donors, so that everyone who is in need of a blood stem cell transplant can have a fair chance to find their match.

When people register as stem cell donors their stem cells go straight to a recipient who is in need. We urge you to sign up to the blood stem cell register. Become a blood stem cell donor today and you can help save someone’s life. Thank you!

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