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Andrea's story

Andrea needs a stem cell transplant.

Andrea, 49, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia. Her only hope now is a blood stem cell transplant from a stranger. Currently, there is no match for Andrea worldwide.

Andrea and her husband, Constantinos (Gus), are proud parents to two young teens, Sophia and Nikolas. The family is urging more people to register as potential stem cell donors in the hope Andrea will find her lifesaving match. Due to Andrea’s Greek Cypriot heritage, it’s likely she will need a donor from a Greek or Cypriot background.

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Andrea’s brother Chris said, “Andrea is truly a loving person. She has been the foundation of our family. She is a beautiful loving soul with a good heart. A wonderful wife and amazing mother. The best sister, daughter, aunt and friend anyone could ask for. There will be a tough road ahead but with your help donating stem cells, I have no doubt that she will get through this and it will one day be a distant memory".

Currently only two percent of the UK population are registered as potential blood stem cell donors, and just 13% of those on the register come from minority ethnic backgrounds. This means patients from minority ethnic communities have a low chance of finding a matching blood stem cell donor.

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If you’re aged 17-55 and in general good health, please consider joining the register. You may be the one person Andrea needs.

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