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Amelia is 14 years old. Her life changed just before Christmas 2020 when she was diagnosed with the blood cancer leukaemia. She will need a bone marrow transplant to recover.

Amelia and her Mum sitting on a park bench. There is a double rainbow behind them in a grey sky.

Her diagnosis was a complete surprise to Amelia and her family, but soon they received even more shocking news. No one in the family is genetically compatible enough to be her stem cell donor and there isn’t a single unrelated matching donor on the global database. Amelia’s chance of survival very much depends on every new person who decides to register as a potential stem cell donor. Her parents are appealing for your help.

Before the diagnosis, Amelia was a healthy child. She liked going to school, talking to friends, listening to music, and discovering new food.

After the diagnosis, she spent almost a year in the hospital where she underwent a long, exhausting treatment with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and steroid therapy. There she finished one school year and started the next one.

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As a result of this intensive treatment, Amelia achieved enough remission of her cancer to receive a bone marrow transplant, but in the absence of a donor, a decision was made to extend her treatment. She is now on maintenance chemotherapy, which means she can be at home with her parents. However, this situation is temporary. There is no guarantee how long her remission will be maintained. It’s additional time and a chance for Amelia and her family to hope that her genetic twin will join the register.

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Amelia’s family still believes that someone special for Amelia will be found.

Currently, Amelia is dealing with the consequences of the intense treatment she’s received in the last year. The steroid therapy especially affected her bones, causing abnormal development. It is too painful for Amelia to walk on her own and the use of a wheelchair is necessary for now.

Image of Amelia with her new Kitten, Morphine

Despite the long and difficult journey Amelia is on, she is bravely coping with all limitations and is full of faith that she will soon recover and return to her teenage life.

This last year has also been the time when her greatest dream came true: a cat appeared in her life. During her intensive treatment, Amelia was regularly treated with morphine as a painkiller. Probably for this reason her new pet was given a rather unusual name: Morphine 😊. She gives Amelia a lot of joy and fills her parents' hearts with hope.

If you’re aged 17-55 and in general good health, please join the stem cell donor register. You could give a second chance at life to someone like Amelia.

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