Turkish charity working to promote stem cell donation

DKMS teams up to promote registration across Turkish communities across the UK.


Just three percent of the UK’s population are registered with DKMS as potential donors. Only a tiny proportion of these are from minority ethnic communities. DKMS is committed to working with individuals, organisations and communities to change this.

On Friday 6 October, DKMS teamed up with the Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association (TWPA) based in Haringey, northeast London, to encourage more people to join the DKMS stem cell register.

Red flag showing white DKMS logo and tagline 'We delete blood cancer'

“We need more stem cell donors from the Turkish community because we have so many vulnerable children and adults who need a stem cell transplant.

"By joining the DKMS stem cell register you could be giving someone with blood cancer or a blood disorder a precious second chance at life. Your support could make all the difference. You could be the missing link that offers hope to someone in need.”
Seyyare Beyzade, President, Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association of England (TWPA)

The TWPA will shortly play host to representatives of the Turkish charity LOSEV, which supports children with leukaemia. LOSEV are bringing a group of children from Turkey who have the potentially life-threatening disease to visit London.

Donors registering at the TWPA drive. Photo: Hürriyet / Halil Yetkinlioglu
Donor and DKSM staff member registering at the TWPA drive.  Photo: Hürriyet / Halil Yetkinlioglu

Seyyare Beyzade, TWPA President said: “This event was an important step in raising awareness among the Turkish community in the UK of the need for more people to register as stem cell donors."

You can still register online at

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