Donor Story

Journey to blood stem cell donation: a video diary

Meet Chris, YouTuber and blood stem cell donor who shares his donor experience


Chris lives in Torquay, Devon with his wife Annabell and their Cocker Spaniel, Cookie. Chris has his own online retail business operating predominantly on eBay selling all kinds of movie-related items, vintage and retro clothing, and other collectables.

"It’s a lot of crazy fun"

Chris is also a YouTuber with his own channel ‘Cookie & The Hayden’s’ sharing his and Annabel's life, dog, and business exploits. Chris and Annabell have a LIVE YouTube show every Monday night. "It’s a lot of crazy fun, we have a duck race and we try and help other eBay sellers with their businesses," Chris explains.

Cookie the Cocker Spaniel

Chris and Annabel love to go on lots of walks with Cookie to the beach and exploring the amazing Devon countryside and attractions. Living in Devon feels like a holiday every day for them.

Chris' donation journey

Five years after joining the blood stem cell register, Chris found out that he was a potential match for someone needing a blood stem cell transplant. He kept a video diary throughout the process to encourage other people to join the register.

"I would do it again in a shot."

At the time of Chris' donation they lived in Manchester. In some ways going through this process, and helping to save a stranger's life, helped them make a life-changing move from the hustle and bustle of Manchester to the more relaxed atmosphere and beaches of Devon. Life is short.

"My friends and family are all very proud of what I went through to help a stranger. I would do it again in a shot."

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