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Hope and solidarity for World Cancer Day

Stem cell registration drive event at Needingworth to offer Terry Brownbill a second chance at life


In the small and charming village of Needingworth in Cambridgeshire, the community came together for an important cause on World Cancer Day (4 February). They united with DKMS to support Terry Brownbill, a 69-year-old former journalist and artist. Terry has acute myeloid leukemia and urgently requires a stem cell transplant.

A family united in hope

He received his leukemia diagnosis last November. Initially, doctors mistook his symptoms for COVID-19. However, his health rapidly deteriorated, making a stem cell transplant his best hope for recovery.

Jess Brownbill, Terry's devoted daughter, spearheaded this significant initiative. She recognized that World Cancer Day was the perfect occasion to rally the Needingworth community in support of her father. "This World Cancer Day, let's help each other. Signing up is easy, but it could significantly impact my dad's life and many others," Jess urged.

Jess shared the family's struggles since Terry's diagnosis. "It's been incredibly challenging. But witnessing my dad's strength inspires us to intensify our search for a donor. Finding a match would mean everything to us. We'd be immensely grateful and overjoyed to give him the chance to continue his fight for life."

Terry smiling at the Camera with his family

A beacon of hope

During the event, 125 remarkable individuals registered as potential stem cell donors. The initiative aimed not only to find a match for Terry but also raised over £1,000 to support DKMS, which will help us add even more potential lifesavers to the stem cell register.

Terry's family extends heartfelt thanks to all the participants who took a significant step, possibly leading to saving lives. Their generosity increases the likelihood of finding perfect matches for Terry and others in need. If you were unable to attend the event, it's not too late to contribute. You can still register here.

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