Donor Story

Giving the gift of life

Donor Joanne explains what donating her blood stem cells meant to her


Joanne, 50, lives in Silecroft, Cumbria with her husband, two teenage boys, and their dog, where she runs a childcare business, Marple Childcare Company. In her spare time, Joanne enjoys walking her dog, Bailey, and spending quality time with family and friends

She registered with DKMS after a friend shared a heart-warming donor story on Facebook.

Joanne was previously a blood donor, but is now unable to donate blood since receiving a blood transfusion after the birth of her first child. After looking into what was required to donate stem cells, she was pleased to learn that the blood transfusion would not necessarily exclude her from being able to donate stem cells, so she joined the DKMS register.

Joanne takes up her own story:

"Several years later, I received the call..... I was a potential match, which came as a great surprise. I don’t think you ever expect to get the call!!

"Initially, you simply have blood drawn through your GP surgery so that more detailed tests can be done. Once you are confirmed as a match, you are invited to attend hospital for a medical. When it is confirmed that you are in good health, arrangements are made for you to attend the hospital for the donation. Before you attend hospital, you have injections of GCSF for four days, which do leave you with a few bone aches, nothing a couple of paracetamol can’t help with!

"The donation process is simple and painless. You are very well looked after by everyone at the hospital, the team at DKMS keep you informed throughout the process and couldn’t be more helpful and supportive.

"It is difficult to process how much this will mean to the recipient and how this will be life changing for them, giving them and their loved ones hope for a long and healthy future. I feel privileged to have been able to help someone, giving them the gift of life.

"I would highly recommend everyone to join the DKMS stem cell register and become a potential life saver. I would not hesitate to do this again if the call came."

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