10th anniversary

Donating Knitting Means Supporting (Chances)

Celebrating Volunteer Week 2023 and 10 years of DKMS in the UK, fundraiser and supporter, Barbara Baldwin tells us about her beautiful knitted creations, all designed with DKMS in mind!

Barbara Baldwin at a Christmas Fair
Barbara Baldwin, fundraiser and supporter

Location: Lives in Surrey

Occupation: Retired. Was a neuropsychologist, working for 40 years in the NHS, including Westminster Children's Hospital..

Hopes for 2023, current hopes: DKMS is hope for the future.

What amusing or interesting phrase do you think the initials DKMS could stand for in English?: Donating Knitting Means Supporting (Chances).

Barbara supports DKMS in her own special way, creating and selling her beautiful knitted figures and decorations at craft fairs across her local region. Every penny raised is donated to DKMS ❤️ She has raised over £2,000 and is still knitting!

We asked her why she felt it so important to support DKMS.

Celebrating 10 years working in the UK!
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My experience

During the Covid lockdown, my daughter-in-law's nephew, Joey, aged seven, needed a stem cell transplant. Fortunately, DKMS were able to identify a donor and facilitate his transplant. He is now well and has just celebrated his 3rd rebirthday.

Working with DKMS

I worked for the NHS for 40 years as a neuropsychologist, during which time I worked closely with children. I know the importance of the work DKMS do and give them my support.

Barbara Baldwin with customers at a craft fair
Collection of multicoloured knitted dinosaurs
 Barbara Baldwin and daughter-in law Sam
Basket of knitted teddy bears in stripy jumpers
Easter bunnies in stripy jumpers egg cup covers and foild covered chocolate eggs.

After Joey’s transplant, I suggested to my granddaughter that we have a stall at her school's Christmas fair, for which I knitted a few Santas. Sadly, the Christmas fair was cancelled due to Covid but I kept on knitting.

Now I have a range of Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other decorations which I sell in support of DKMS. I have had a few health issues recently and the knitting has been therapeutic for me as well as raising money for DKMS. I have to work months in advance - I am currently knitting mini witches for Halloween!

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Encouraging more stem cell donors

DKMS does not roll off the tongue, so people do not immediately know the name.

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Raising even more awareness of DKMS. If everyone knew more about DKMS they may be more open to signing up to be a potential donor - people don’t realise how wonderful it is to be a donor.

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