DKMS Lottery launches on World Blood Cancer Day

New lottery hopes to increase registered stem cell donors and give participants a chance to win cash prizes.

DKMS Lottery icon

Today, on World Blood Cancer Day (28 May), we are excited to launch the DKMS Lottery, to support our mission of finding stem cell matches for people living with blood cancer and blood disorders. Our campaign is inspired by the incredible stories from people like Ivor and his donor, Mark.

Ivor’s journey of hope

At 73, Ivor from Andover was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) during a routine check-up. Despite experiencing only extreme tiredness, which he attributed to his busy work schedule and frequent travel, the diagnosis changed his life dramatically. He faced long periods of isolation in a Southampton hospital while undergoing chemotherapy, and learned that his survival depended on the generosity of a stranger donating their stem cells to him.

That stranger was Mark, who registered with DKMS after being moved by a young boy's need for a stem cell match. Seven years after his life-saving donation, Mark and Ivor met — a moment Ivor describes as feeling like winning the lottery.

A win-win opportunity

By joining the DKMS Lottery, you have a chance to win fantastic cash prizes weekly while supporting our cause. Each £1 ticket helps towards covering the cost of registering potential donors, enabling us to expand our registry and create more success stories like those of Ivor and Mark.

Play the DKMS Lottery now

Your participation could be lifesaving for someone like Ivor. Let's make a significant impact together.

Play the DKMS Lottery now and help us turn more hopes into reality.

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