Donor Story

A worthwhile journey

Cardiff-based content creator donates stem cells to a patient in need of a stem cell transplant.


Andrew, a 24-year-old video editor and content creator from Cardiff, was casually scrolling through his social media feed when he came across a post that led to a life-changing impact on a stranger's life.

“I first heard about DKMS and the stem cell register after seeing rugby player Ethan Davies’ appeal on social media back in October 2022. I normally just scroll past things on social media but they must have got me on a good day because I registered straight away!” Andrew shares.

His stem cell donation journey

Two years later, he received a call from DKMS informing him that he's a potential match for a patient. The emotions that followed was a mix of a few nerves and excitement, but Andrew was ready to take the next steps.

“My medical check went really well – it was nice to have a bit of a health ‘MOT’ and was good for my conscience to know I was healthy. I did experience some side effects and bone pain during the GCSF injections – but in the grand scheme of things I was happy to go ahead because I knew it would be worth it,” Andrew recounts.

Traveling to London for the donation, Andrew found himself booked into a hotel for two nights, but fortunately, the donation process was successfully completed in just one day, allowing him to head back home early.

“The donation itself was totally fine and I felt very content. I’ve had days that are way more boring! I’d much rather donate my stem cells than be in a work meeting, induction or stuck on a plane for hours!” Andrew quips.

DKMS Donor at the hospital
DKMS Donor at the hospital ready to give blood

A great support system

Accompanied by a friend, Andrew made the most of his time in London, catching up with old friends and even enjoying a pub outing, albeit with non-alcoholic drinks to stay true to his commitment to donate his stem cells.

“A few of them thought there were hidden incentives to me wanting to do this. But I told them there wasn’t – I just wanted to do a good deed. My friends were full of praise for me and a few of them have looked into joining the register too,” Andrew shares.

Throughout the entire journey, Andrew found peace and strength in the unwavering support of his loved ones. “My friends and family’s support made the whole experience so much easier. I can be a bit nervous about this sort of thing but everyone was so positive and supportive. The other day, my mum just turned around to me and told me how proud she was of me. It made me feel really great,” Andrew concludes, with a sense of fulfilment in knowing he made a difference.

How you can help

Join Andrew and other heroes making a life-saving impact for people living with blood cancer and blood disorders by registering as a stem cell donor today. You could be the perfect match a patient is waiting for!

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