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Our West Midlands Hub was one of the first UK DKMS hubs to form. The hub began in January 2015, aiming to raise awareness and to register potential blood stem cell donors to help save the lives of people who have been diagnosed with blood cancer and blood disorders.

The West Midlands Hub is dedicated to registering people from all backgrounds but in particular those from ethnic minority communities due to the shortage of these donors and the diversity of the population in their region.

Currently, only three percent of the UK population are registered as potential stem cell donors. Approximately 15% of those on the register come from minority ethnic backgrounds. Patients from minority ethnic communities only have a 37% chance of finding a donor.

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Our volunteers

Each of the West Midlands Hub volunteers has their own unique story of how they came to join DKMS Midlands, but all share the same passion and drive. To promote the DKMS vision and ultimately, find those all-important matches.

Jas West Midlands Hub Lead
Jas: Hub Lead

Jas holds a black belt in Karate (a long time ago!) but now confesses he would struggle to kick above his waist without pulling a muscle!

Robbie: Hub Lead
Robbie: Hub Lead

Robbie's proudest achievement is winning the 2015 DKMS Volunteer Award!

Harkamal: Hub Lead
Harkamal: Hub Lead

Harkamal is one of very few male florists in the country to have achieved a Master's Diploma in Professional Floristry. He received the highest marks in the country for both his theory and practical exams in his year.

Kam: Hub Lead
Kam: Hub Lead

Kam completed the 10K north run in London having never run before and without any training!

Manjeet (Manj): Hub Volunteer
Manj: Hub Volunteer

Manj's greatest achievement are her children. As she says, "They remind me of what’s important."

Gurmail: Hub Volunteer
Gurmail: Hub Volunteer

Gurmail's secret talent is he can cook, but he confesses that he hides it well from his wife! His amazing achievement is definitely donating stem cells and meeting the recipient.

Manjeet Hub Nolunteer
Manjeet: Hub Volunteer

Eight years ago. Manjeet and her brothers set up a self-maintained charity group with over 30 members. They have paid for over a dozen weddings in India for less fortunate families. They have also been able to set up three water bores for Malawi villages.

Manjeet also works closely with Khalsa Aid, a great charity that focuses on helping people regardless of colour creed or religion

Kinde: Hub volunteer
Kinde: Hub Volunteer

Kinde is fluent in Punjabi and therefore can help translate for DKMS. It's such a benefit to DKMS audiences.

Bela: Hub volunteer
Bela: Hub Volunteer

Bela s a qualified PADI diver. She loves travelling, including school trips/expeditions to Lanzorate, Wales, Paris, Borneo, India, Mexico, Canada and North America.

Help us increase the chances for patients across the UK and the world, to find a matching donor who has the potential to save their life. Be a lifesaver...become a potential blood stem cell donor.

If you're unable to join the register but would still like to help, get in touch below to find out about local volunteering opportunities and others ways to support DKMS.


Recent events

West Midlands 2023 Charity Evening

Two champagne glasses on a tray against a fairylights background

Our fundraising evening took place on Saturday 14 October at Manor Grove, Oxhill Road, Handsworth, Birmingham.

In 2023, we have also held donor registration events in Birmingham, Stourbridge, Walsall and West Bromwich.

Not able to join us on the day?

If you are unable to attend any of our events on the day, please register for a kit to be sent to your home or click 'Become a donor' at the top of the page.

Our patients and appeals need your help

By registering as a donor you could help someone, like our patients below, who is looking for their potential match, but there are many more.

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Each new potential donor costs us £40 to register. You can help cover our costs by making a gift today.

Volunteer with us ­

Our hub is on the lookout for volunteers. If you live or work in the Midlands region and would like to get involved, please contact us.

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Ian Corpuz
Volunteering Manager

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