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DKMS Bedford hub was set up in May 2018 by Poonam and other passionate volunteers as part of the desperate search to find a stem cell match for five-year-old leukaemia patient Kaiya.

Sadly, Kaiya passed away in January 2019 but the Bedford hub continues with its mission to give as many people a second chance at life as possible.

“Our collective network has allowed us to register potential blood stem cell donors at a variety of different events. The generosity and enthusiasm for becoming a lifesaver in waiting has resulted in us attending and setting up several large stem cell registration events” says Poonam. DKMS Bedford hub has registered over 2,200 people at 50 registration events!

Our volunteers

Each of the volunteers has their own unique story of how they came to join DKMS Bedford, but all share the same passion and drive. To promote the DKMS vision and ultimately, find those all-important matches.

Poonam Chand: Bedford Hub Lead
Poonam: Hub Lead

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Sandeep (Gilly) Gill
Sandeep (Gilly): Hub Volunteer

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Help us increase the chances for patients across the UK and the world, to find a matching donor who has the potential to save their life. Be a lifesaver...become a potential blood stem cell donor.

If you're unable to join the register but would still like to help, get in touch below to find out about local volunteering opportunities and others ways to support DKMS.

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Recent events

In 2023, we have held donor recruitment events in Kempston, Potters Bar and Central London.

Not able to join us on the day?

If you are unable to attend any of our events on the day, please register for a kit to be sent to your home or click 'Become a donor' at the top of the page.

Our patients need your help

By registering as a donor you could help someone, like our patients below, who is looking for their potential match, but there are many more.

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Each new potential donor costs us £40 to register. You can help cover our costs by making a gift today.

Volunteer with us

The Hub is on the lookout for volunteers. If you live or work in the Bedford area, and would like to get involved, please contact us.

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Ian Corpuz
Volunteering Manager

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Everyone who needs a blood stem cell transplant must find their potential donor. Can you help?