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This World Blood Cancer Day, we celebrate the countless stories of hope and strength shared by people living with blood cancer and blood disorders. To mark this special day, we are excited to launch our DKMS Lottery.

When Ivor was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a type of blood cancer, he was told it would be down to the kindness of a stranger to give him a second chance at life by donating their stem cells to him. The perfect match turned out to be Mark, who was inspired to register with DKMS after hearing about a young boy who was also searching for his potentially lifesaving stem cell match.

Seven years later, Ivor and Mark were able to meet in person for the first time. For Ivor, meeting his stem cell donor was like winning the lottery.

Everything we do is built on kindness from stranger to stranger, and every story like Ivor & Mark’s is made possible by your kindness. By playing the DKMS lottery you can help us work toward ensuring that every person who needs it can find their perfect stem cell match, whilst being in with the chance to win a prize yourself!

How it works

With each lottery ticket you buy for just £1, you help us cover the £40 cost per person of registering new potential donors. Your participation enables us to expand our registry and create more success stories like Ivor's.

Each week, not only do you get a shot at winning amazing cash prizes, but every ticket you buy goes toward raising vital funds to support people living with blood cancer and disorders. The more people play, the more help we can provide. So, we need your support.

Every donation can be potentially lifesaving for someone like Ivor, and prize-winning for you! Let’s make a significant impact together on World Blood Cancer Day.

Play the DKMS Lottery now and help us turn more hopes into reality.

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